Enterprise health data blockchain platform and decentralised exchange

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Tokenising the >$100b health data market

HealthDex Overview


HealthDex is an enterprise health data blockchain platform and decentralised exchange.

The amount of health data in the world is growing rapidly and expected to double every 73 days by the year 2020. The multi-trillion-dollar health sector is exponentially relying on health data for informed decisions. Health data is used to make new drugs and therapies, improve healthcare delivery, inform insurance and government policies, and much more.

Thousands of companies and organisations around the world buy and sell health data for billions of dollars annually. These individually brokered deals are slow and expensive, meaning huge amounts of data are underutilised. Currently, no health data marketplace exists where all stakeholders can easily search, connect, trade and utilise health data.

Additionally, a new generation of blockchain health data companies are providing health data owners with greater control, security and remuneration of their data. Hundreds more health data DApps are expected to emerge but lack a blockchain platform uniquely tailored to the demands of health data.

HealthDex is the first of its kind enterprise health data blockchain platform and decentralised exchange.

The HealthDex blockchain platform is the perfect choice for health data DApps. HealthDex provides DApps with a range of on-demand enterprise solutions, such as decentralised data storage and security on the HealthDex IPFS cloud storage and data processing on the uniquely tailored health database, HealthDexDB.

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HealthDex Infrastructure Layers


Front-end Layer

Providing the interface for the HealthDex marketplace and numerous decentralised applications (DApps).

Blockchain Layer

Utilising blockchain technology to enable trusted transactions through smart contracts.

Data Layer

HealthDexDB is our uniquely tailored health database providing efficient data processing for health data vendors.

Decentralised Storage & AI Layer

Comprised of our network of decentralised nodes providing cloud storage ("Storage-as-a-Service") and computational power for federated learning ("AI-as-a-Service").

HealthDex Marketplace

The HealthDex decentralised exchange (‘DEX’) is a marketplace for health data vendors, consumers and other participants to easily search, connect, trade and utilise health data. The HealthDex tokenised service layer enables frictionless transactions and ensures appropriate incentivisation of nodes participating in the HealthDex network.

Homomorphic encryption, federated learning and application containerisation technologies are incorporated by HealthDex for data handling and analysis. These allow data consumers to gain insights and train artificial intelligence models whilst minimising the need for data transfer and, thereby, ensuring sustainable and ongoing monetisation of health data.

Because revenues are primarily generated from commission fees, HealthDex is incentivised to maximise the number of market participants and trading volume on the HealthDex platform. In the process, HealthDex will enable ongoing medical discoveries, health insights and improved models of healthcare.


Our Team

team member

Fahad Khan

Co-Founder & CTO

Fahad Khan is a Mathematician and an award winning Data Scientist with 10+ years of professional experience of working on some of the hardest Machine Learning problems. Notable ones include: Health Analytics and longevity research using Genomics and Medical records (NIH Data/AUT/GenoMed), Sports Science project for Auckland Blues Rugby for predicting soft tissue injuries using Fitness and Wellness data and Narcotics/Drug interception predictions in cargo and passenger space for border protection (one of the B5 nations).

Most recently, he ran a successful consultancy and previously worked for IBM and SAS as a Subject Matter Expert on Data Science.

team member

Dr. Mohsin Chaudhry

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Mo is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful start-ups, investments and leadership positions. He received his medical degree from the University of Otago and business qualification from HBX Harvard Business School. Dr. Mo has several years of clinical experience in a range of medical specialties and an academic background as a published researcher. An early adopter of cryptocurrency, Dr. Mo is an avid proponent of distributed ledger technologies and their potential to revolutionise the health sector. Indeed, his frustrations with the health sector, contrarian tendencies, and entrepreneurial spirit led to the conception of HealthDex.

team member

Zaid Ismail


As an early adopter of blockchain technology, Zaid formulated a successful series of Investments that subsequently inspired him to travel abroad and pursue the blockchain ecosystem at a Leadership & Advisory level. Formerly, Zaid spent the course of his career in the corporate world leading a sales, leadership and business development role across multiple industries, ranging from a kiwi-operated pharmaceutical group to an internationally award winning ‘technology as a subscription’ provider. Additionally, Zaid’s spirit for entrepreneurship and innovation acquired him substantial business experience developing novel start-ups, including the World’s First Fishing Drone.

Indeed, Zaid’s extensive calibre in business development and leadership, bred with his passion for distributed ledger technology has contributed to the success of HealthDex.

team member

Imran Dole

Lead Software Engineer

team member

David Rhodus

Blockchain Lead

team member

Guy Kloss

Technical Architect

team member

Erickson Yap

Project Manager

Erick is a well-rounded technologist and strategist with over 15 years’ management and IT consulting experience gained in Asia, Australia and New Zealand across multiple industries. He has held senior corporate and consulting roles, most recently with EY, working as a Senior Manager within their IT Advisory / Digital practice. Erick has a strong focus on understanding the WHY, solution design, transformation, delivering the right stakeholder outcomes, and maintaining long-term client relationships. He now focuses on being involved in the practical application and convergence of digital and emerging technologies and is also active in the start-up space as an advisor and investor.

team member

Prof. David Parry

Lead Researcher

team member

Frederik Bussler

Machine Learning Engineer

CEO Smart Contract Auditing, Machine Learning Analyst at Rare Genomics Institute, Business Analyst at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Data Analytics student

team member

Michelle Abbas


Michelle has 10 years plus experience working in the health sector as a documentation co-ordinator. She is currently a freelance full stack web developer, primarily using the SilverStripe platform to create websites.

team member

Zhantao Feng

Blockchain Developer

team member

Jason You

Business Analyst

team member

Jorg Weber

Business Development Manager

team member

Amir Jalali

Homomorphic Learning Researcher

team member

David Chen

Machine Learning Researcher

team member

Jonathan Yee

Software Engineer

Team's Experience Comprises

Who We're Working With

Our Advisors

team member

Robert Stone

Fmr. Senior Advisor to Google's CEO & Founders; Crunchbase 2018 Most Influential Innovator in New Zealand; Stanford StartX; Alchemist Accelerator; SK Group

team member

Chai Chuah

Retired Director General of Health, New Zealand; Retired CEO Ministry of Health, New Zealand

team member

Siraj Raval

Social Media Influencer; Largest AI Developer Following in the World; >400k YouTube Subscribers; >20k Slack Followers

team member

Dr. Divya Dhar

Co-Founder, Seratis (acquired by HudlHealth); Founder, P3 Foundation; MBA, Wharton School of UPenn; MPA, Harvard University

team member

Dr. Rahul Gandhi

Innovation Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; Resident, RACP; MPH, Harvard University; MBA, University of Oxford



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